Saturday, November 14, 2009

Why NOT to go to the grocery store buzzed...

The bf and I decided to grab some margaritas at Chilis while we were out running errands this afternoon. We only had the grocery shopping left, so why not?

It was buy one, get one free so I enjoyed myself a couple margaritas. Then we headed off to the grocery store. Usually the margaritas aren't that strong...but I guess these ones were! I had a pretty rocking buzz going on! (Don't worry, Tom was driving! :P)

And this is why you shouldn't go to the grocery store with a buzz...
1- I circled the egg nog sample area three times like a crazy lady so I could have 3 samples of egg nog!
2- I dug thru all the packages of paper towels trying to find the ones with the "cool" pattern. Then I cussed about the "shitty paper towels" when none of the patterns met my standards.
3- I have a lot of new lean cuisines flavors I never would have gotten normally because I tend to avoid some of their meats because they taste fake. But with a buzz? Rubber meat apparently looks delicious.

At least we had fun?! Haha!


KelsNotChels said...

There is NOTHING wrong with circling the nog table 3 times! Totally normal, in my book! ;)

The silk soy nog is my favorite though... and I drink milk. The soy is just so much lighter and tastier in my book.

Anyway, thanks for your comments on my blog last week! I'm so excited you found my blog, so that I could find yours! Added to google reader!

Hope to hear more from you soon. :D


Whitney said...

LOL!! Hysterical :) Love it!!