Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

So I'm at work. Blah. At least it's really slow... I did hit up Old Navy before work today and scored some good deals! :) That made me happy! I spent $60.45 and saved $84.75!!! Can't beat that!

I weighed-in today, -0. I stayed the same as last week. And I'm 100% okay with that considering it's the day after Thanksgiving! Haha. We're heading home after I get off work tonight. I still have 2 more "thanksgivings" to have this weekend--wish me luck!

I also ordered my xmas cards today (got a good deal on them too!! 75% off!) Here's the digital preview of them... I can't wait to get them! I think they are going to look AWESOME! :)


Cole said...

Cute picture!! I'm sorry you have to work today; that stinks.

Andy said...

That's an ADORABLE postcard! Sorry you have to work today :( But well, I hope your weekend improves! :)