Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009 is over. (And I am GLAD!) I was feeling like a major grinch this year and just couldn't get into the holiday spirit! I was stressed out, depressed, blah blah. I'm glad everything can get back to normal now.

On our way to my mom's house we stopped for some fancy taco bell. When we were leaving, Tom told me to grab my present out of his pocket....I found this.

Yeah, a hot sauce packet that said, "Will you marry me?" HAHAHA! I told him that it's official now because I have proof! ;) He says it's not official until he gives me my ring...Boo! But he did tell his entire family we are getting married next year! That even opened a bottle of champagne and gave us a toast! WTF?! He's taking away some of the excitement from when we "officially" get engaged by telling his family already! UGH. So we're planning a wedding, he told his whole family we're getting married, but we're not "engaged." It's frustrating! JUST HURRY UP ALREADY! :P He did grab his ex fiance's wedding ring set to trade in though. I knew the proposal wouldn't come until he grabbed her set out of storage at his dad's house because he's using whatever $$ he gets from her set to put towards mine. So now he has it and I just wait...and wait...and wait!

Here's a picture of our little family, Christmas 2009


Nicole said...

lol oh the suspense! I dont think I want to be involved that much in engagement. I hope the bf doesnt pop out a taco sauce haha. But those things are funny. Cant wait to her all the details from your REAL proposal! =D

Jenni said...

The wait is so worth it!!! That sauce packet is HILARIOUS!

Sami said...

LOVE the hot sauce packet!!

Morgan said...

LOL that's too cute! Congrats!! :)

LissaMarie said...

awww! congratulations! the hot sauce packet is so clever!