Sunday, December 13, 2009

He went to Jared!!!!!!

Actually, WE went to Jared. Haha.

*I am NOT engaged...yet*

We were heading back home from visiting my sister when a commercial came on and I told him we should go to Jared to look at rings (I literally say this every single time a commercial comes on!) Except this time, he said "okay!"


I have never looked at rings before (only online) and I almost puked/said "let's go home" on our way there I was so nervous!! But the lady we worked with was very nice. They helped us pick out a few rings in our (very limited) budget, and got my finger sized!

P.S. The lady laughed when I told her I need a smaller, delicate ring because I have such small fingers. (I said, "lucky for Tom a big ring would look stupid on my small hand!") Until she sized my ring finger at 4.5! Then she said, "you really do have teeny-tiny fingers!" hahaha.

We didn't have a lot of time to look because we had a holiday party to get to, so we will head back there sometime this week when we have more time to look.


I am in shock that I will be engaged very soon!!!!!!!



Nicole said...

o.m.g! you practically are! I circled all the engagement rings out of a Daniels catalog and had no such luck! Not even an oh those are nice! Grrrr... But happy for you! lol

Jenni said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! THAT IS SOOO EXCITING!!!! Crossing my fingers for you!!!!!

Christina said...

How exciting! Maybe he'll get you a ring for Christmas just like all those corny jewerly store commericals on TV!! :)

My engagement ring was a size 4.5 too so we both have tiny fingers. My wedding band for some reason had to be sized to a 4 though!

~Dawn~ said...

How wonderful!! And we share the same size finger... my teeters on a 4. - 4.5 (Jeff says he lucked out too, since a big rock would look obnoxious!)... So awesome.. Hope you're sporting some shine on that little finger soon.