Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Angel & 2 feet of snow

I have my very own Christmas angel this year... There is a blizzard coming to Minnesota, starting this afternoon. Between this afternoon and Friday night, we are going to get TWO FEET of snow! Did I mention this blizzard is starting TODAY and I am scheduled to work tomorrow? Meaning, we can't make the three hour trip home until tomorrow night? When we could have a foot of snow already?! Awesome.

Insert my very own Christmas angel, Mary. She is a lady I work with and she went behind my back and told our boss she would work for me tomorrow so we could head home tonight, and miss most of the storm. This lady gave up xmas eve with her own family so I could go home. Really?! That is just the sweetest thing! I am so touched! What an amazing thing to do for someone! I love her. :)

P.S. I DON'T love 2 feet of snow. How in the hell will we even get back into our driveway on Sunday after 2 feet of snow and nobody home to shovel?! UGH!


Mom on the Run said...

Have a safe trip home!! I don't ever want that much snow!

Christina said...

How nice of your co-worker to do that for you!

Hope you have a good trip home. I can't imagine what driving in snow like that is like. I've never driven in any snow at all before!