Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Get Crackin in December!

It's December already! Holy cow! (And we still don't have any snow! Weird!)

This past weekend was okay. Even though from Weds-Sunday I had 5 "Thanksgivings." I did pretty good, considering...But I still took a minor hit to the scale. Also, running around to this house and that house to fit in a few hours with all the family is exhausting! I told Tom that next year we should host Thanksgiving. Have ONE meal. Invite everyone, if they come-great. If not, well sorry but this will be our ONE Thanksgiving. (That will be easier on my waist AND my sanity!) I mean, when you have two people and both have divorced parents, it gets really hard to see everyone in only 2 days!

My weight loss sucked in November. I would do great during the week and then the weekends would be busy with such and such event and I would ruin all the work I did during the week. I HAVE to stop that.

November Starting Weight: 147

Week One: -2 (145)

Week Two: +1 (146)

Week Three: -0.5 (145.5)

Week Four: -0.0 (145.5)

***Goal: -10 (137)***

So, for December, my goal is to be 140 before Christmas. I have plenty of time to lose 5 pounds! All I have to do is STOP ruining my progress by eating junk on the weekends! (And not having 5 Thanksgiving dinners in one week will help! Ha!) I am doing my 30-day-shred DVD starting tonight. I hope to do it at least 4 times a week. I also want to continue with my treadmill running. I did do great with my exercising in November. I exercised, on average, 5 days a week. It was my eating that held me back. Well, no more! I KNOW I can get to 140 before Christmas. And I'm going to try to be at my goal (137) before 2010.

In 31 days, I can be at my GOAL WEIGHT. No, scratch that. In 31 days I WILL be at my goal weight. On Jan 1st, 2010 I can finally move onto maintenance! WooHoo!!!!! (I am also scheduling my giveaway for Jan 1st, 2010! Unless I make it sooner of course!) :)


Whitney said...

Yah girl! What a great attitude! So happy for you and to share this journey with you! You can do it :)

Kristin said...

I'm with you lady. Totally turning over a new leaf tomorrow. We gotta be hot for NYE right?

Morgan said...

You are strong to be able to lose weight during the holidays with all the great food! I GAIN weight this time of year, it's ridiculous LOL!
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and goodluck on losing those 10lbs, although I personally think you don't need to! I've seen pics of you before and you look awesome and healthy already! :)

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I can give you lots of tips if you'd like. I'm famous for dropping weight after I freak out when I look in the mirror.