Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm a grandma

Because I would LOVE to get this dinnerware set from the Pfaltzgraff catalog!

Tom HATES the pattern. I believe his words were, "damn roosters!" Haha. I have never been into the country style. But for some reason I love this pattern and want to collect everything! (Too bad it's kinda spendy!) :(

We are thinking about switching cell carriers. Right now we are with Tmobile. So we have to go to the mall and check out all the major carriers, plans, cost, phones, etc. I'm excited! I want an iphone, or something similar I can download apps onto. We'll see. I also want to start Christmas shopping and run to Whole Foods to see if they have any new goodies. YAY FOR PAYDAY! I can't wait to start Christmas shopping!!!


Whitney said...

I am with Tom! Sorry girl :o) hehe

Have fun Christmas shopping, cell hopping, and what not! Can't wait to hear about your weekend!

Morgan said...

I ~love~ rooster stuff for kitchens..that set is so cute! I don't know why your husband doesn't like it...MEN! LOL!
I like the "country" feel that rooster have in the kitchen! :)

LissaMarie said...

haha, the big plate looks like a grandma's kitchen set...but the smaller plate with the flowers on it is really cute. Too bad he doesn't like it =[

Mom on the Run said...

I love anything Pfaltzgraff. There stuff is so classic.

I have an IPhone and love it!

SouthernBelleJM said...

I, so, know what you mean! The house is in LC's name only. Therefore, the way I look at it is, I just rent space. So, the 8K, it's really his not ours. I didn't put anything towards the down payment and what not. Otherwise, I think some revas would be in future. LOL! I wish you luck for an Xmas engagement. Maybe, we will both get our Christmas wish;)

Nicole said...

Payday comes just in time for Amazon extravaganza! lol I plan to do all my shopping online!