Sunday, August 16, 2009

Housewarming party

We had our housewarming party yesterday! I finally feel like I can breathe and relax! This summer has been sooo stressful. (Totally worth it though!) We started by getting our first puppy, then buying a house 6 days later, then moving, painting the whole house, starting a kitchen renovation, and lately cleaning & getting ready for our party. Now we can relax and just focus on finishing our kitchen!

The weather changed last minute and called for rain. Boo! It was cloudy all day and was sprinkling on & off all day. Which of course made it not a whole lot to play any games, and made my hair a frizzy mess! It started pouring rain around 6:30 which was okay since the party only went until 7 anyway.

Of course, we had TONS of food, beer, & drinks. I think it turned out really well.We got a decent crowd considering the weather sucked. Here's Tom & I

My friend, Melanie. We were best friends when we were in 5-8th grade until her mom died of cancer and she moved. We were more like sisters. I'm so glad she could make it! We actually don't live that far away anymore and we vowed to take the time to see each other more. I love that girl an awful lot. :)

Here's Rex. He's festive with a smiley face balloon tied to his leash. (Yes, we made him wear that all day! Haha)

All in all, the party went very well. I don't feel like I got to visit with people enough though. We were so busy! We were either giving tours all day, or dealing with the food & drinks. I don't think I even got to talk to anyone more than 5 minutes each! I have no clue how we are going to mingle with everyone at our wedding--it was tough enough with 40 people at our own house!

Today was spent having a lazy Sunday. We ate junk food, watched tv, and did nothing all day. It was wonderful!


Andy said...

Glad the party went well, in spite of the rain! :)

Oh, and by the way, I WISHED any of my dogs would have let a balloon attached to their leash more than 30 seconds.

Nicole said...

I love the last picture! It looks like a greeting card! =D