Saturday, August 8, 2009

Photo Tour Part: 1

I figured I should post some before pictures of our house. These were taken when we first got the house. We have done some major work to this house in the short month & a half we've had it so far! When we saw this house, we saw tons of potential. We just had to look through the outdated stuff first.

So I present to you: Casa D, the main floor. (we have a finished basement, laundry room, and another bathroom in the basement. That will be coming next...)

The front door is to the left. This is the fireplace in the living room. Notice the sweet lamp we also got in the deal? Oh, and how can you miss that monster of a mirror?!

The rest of the living room

The formal dining room. That UGLY light is going very, very soon!

Our backyard. This was the biggest yard we saw by far! Living in Minneapolis, big yards are hard to come by unless you go out into the 'burbs a little bit.

More backyard...

The 2 car garage & screen porch attached. We eat lots of dinners out here. LOVE it!

Front of our humble house.

You already know this is all torn down. But the kitchen before when you walk in the back door.

A view from the living room. The whole wall to the right is empty. They called it an "eat in kitchen" Since there is the formal dining room right off the kitchen, we are adding much needed counter space/more cabinets there instead.

Ah, the office/vanity area. This paneling is (was) so awful!

More paneling, because I know you like to look at it. ;)

The guest room/future nursery!

The teeny tiny master bedroom.

The other side of the master

The small/totally outdated bathroom. :(

And just for fun, here's a picture of Tom, his brother, & dad. Yup, pure vodka with a tiny splash of juice in that big red cup. And I'm not even kidding. It is 3/4 full of pure vodka...I watched him make it!

And baby Rex hanging outside with us at night. (Yes, he's so spoiled he gets to lay in his dog bed outside instead of in the dirt. sigh)

And there you have it... a quick "before" tour of the main floor. Hopefully our "after" pictures will show you the potential this place had!


Morgan said...

I see the potential already!! I can't wait for the after pics! Are you keeping the wood floors? They are really beautiful! :)

Andy said...

Yeah, the house is big and has lots of cute spaces. Just some touch-ups (Iike I bet the ones you already did) and it's good to go.

thriftylittleblog said...

That house does have some great bones. I'm excited to see what you do with it :).