Saturday, August 22, 2009

Slippery Chicken?

So I'm sitting out in the garage while Tom & his brother play ping pong. His brother goes to hit the ball, and misses. Then he tried to pick it up off the ground, and drops it. Then he tires to scoop it up with the paddle, and misses again. After 4 tries to pick up this ball, I told him to have another beer and then try. ;)

He says, "Hey, this ball is slippery, it's like a little chicken!"

Um, I didn't know chickens were slippery?! Note to self...Don't ever try to catch a little chicken, they are apparently very slippery.

Drunk people say the darnedest things! :)


Nicole said...

Lol yes they do I always enjoy being the sober one it cracks me up! =D

LissaMarie said...

Hahaah, that is too funny. What drunk people say is such fun !

Andy said...

Hahahaha! Well, hens are hard to catch. Maybe that's what he meant?