Saturday, August 29, 2009

Food Overload

I just got back from the fair. We were there from 11am-5pm. Good thing I was on my feet for all 6 hours because I ate a ton of food! Good thing the fair is only once a year!! I had: cheese curds, a corn dog, chocolate chip cookies, deep fried pickles, & a deep fried TWINKIE! Ugh. Don't judge... that was my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Healthy, no?

It was also FREEZING! Everyone had sweatshirts or jackets on! It's 61 degrees and cloudy right now! In august! With a brut
al wind too! I had to buy a jacket because I was sooo cold walking around! As if Minnesota didn't screw us over with freezing winters it apparently took away our summer as well!

The deep fried twinkie! (Tastes like fried sweet bread, better than I thought! Soft & warm)

The big cow in the parade

The sea of people (click to make bigger, and see the crowd I was talking about in the last post!)

Tom & his pork chop

I'm off to go have a heart attack now!


Morgan said...

They have deep fried twinkies!? OMG I'm missing out, it looks awesome! :)

Where's the funnel cake? :)

Dani said...

The deep fried twinkie wasn't even the weirdest thing there! Chocolate covered Bacon? Deep fried candy bar? Deep fried Alligator? Check, check, and check! :) Haha

Morgan said...

Deep fried alligator!?! Eeewww! haha!

Nicole said...

Geez that crowd looks the same as the taste of chicago just add about 40 degrees!! lol Our county fair is this weekend and they say it will be 85 degrees I am contemplating NOT going! But those twinkies sound enticing

LissaMarie said...

i've always wanted to go to a state fair! They seem like such a good time =] Glad you had fun. Afer losing 40 pounds, you sure earned that deep fried twinkie! =] Happy Thursday!

Organic Meatbag said...

I wonder if anybody can just fry lard on a stick...but I guess a twinkie is as close as we can come...hahahaha!

Andy said...

My mouth is WATERING right now. Everything seems OH SO YUMMY.