Friday, August 28, 2009

Tom turns 28!

It was Tom's 28th birthday yesterday. Birthdays aren't a big deal to him. He says it's "just another day" but I secretly think he loved all the "Happy Birthdays" and people making a fuss over him. ;) His mom made him that huge cheesecake above. I still have 3/4 of it that I NEED to get rid of ASAP! I'm pretty sure there are 15,986,327,469 calories in that sucker!

I took him out to Red Lobster for dinner
. They have their endless shrimp deal going on now and I have to say, for a skinny dude, he did great! One salad, one biscuit, mashed potatoes, three sides of rice, 91 shrimp, and a beer later he decided he was full enough to leave. I'd say I got my moneys worth on that dinner! Ha!

Here's the birthday boy & Rex

Here's us before dinner
(couple of cheese balls!)

In other news, I am going to the STATE FAIR tomorrow! And I am super excited! I never thought it was "weird" that the state fair was such a big deal until I read this in the morning paper...(

"More than 1.6 million people visit the Minnesota State Fair every year. Twenty-five television and radio stations broadcast live from the fair daily. This is not how other states react to their fairs, so why are some Minnesotans so obsessed with the fair?

"I'm a fair fanatic," said one woman at the fair.

"I've gone 10 years in a row, you just don't miss it," added another.

If you're new to Minnesota, you're probably scratching your head about all of this non-stop, 12-day, State Fairapalooza.

"Our friends who live in Hawaii and Tennessee think we're really silly to come to the fair," said one fairgoer.

Connecticut and Rhode Island are the only states without an official state fair. Everyone else has a fair. But ask most Minnesotans and they'll echo the thought of this woman who said: "I think this is the best fair in the world."

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Andy said...

Wow. 91 shrimps? Really? Okay, I don't know how many I could've eaten, probably, LUCKILY, just half that amount!