Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A lot on my mind

Something else happened at my housewarming party. My sister decided that she wanted nothing to do with our mom. Or anyone on that side of the family that still has contact with her. That includes me. I feel like I am mourning the death of my sister. She deleted her facebook, changed her phone number, changed her e-mail...I don't even have her address since she just moved for college. I'm in shock. How could she do this to me? To us? All because she thinks our mom doesn't care about her (not true) and she thinks she will be better off without our mom/her side of the family (not true.) She won't be in my wedding. She won't meet my future babies. I literally lost a sister. She wrote me a long, horrible letter. I can't even get into it yet--it's too raw. I can't believe she did this.

In other news, I wrote out my thank you cards today. I'm trying to push the raw hurt away for now. I have a life to live even if my sister decided to be a horrible bitch. I always think it's best to get the thank you's out as soon as possible. I had 25 to do...I don't know how I will hand write all the cards when I get married! That was a lot of work! That will probably be a week-long project! ;)

I also told Tom that we need to elope. Go somewhere tropical, just us. Grab a cheap dress and come back married--surprise! This whole thing with my sister and Tom's dad made me realize I don't want the drama when we make our own family. I want it to be just us. We'll see if I change my mind...

What else...Rex gets neutered on Friday. Poor boy. He has no clue what he's in for! We are also planning a camping trip over labor day weekend. Hopefully we can get reservations in time! The State.Fair is also coming up. I can't wait for some horribly greasy food and tacky carnival games!!! I love gooey cheese curds and fresh lemonade! The fair starts on Aug 27, which is Tom's 28th birthday. I got him a Jack Daniels glass set. He's already seen it, but you better believe I'm wrapping it up and making him open it anyway!


Allyson said...

Hey Dani!

Love the new title of the blog! Was that recent?

I am so sorry your sister is doing that. That's awful. Stay strong! You will get past this.

Hope you are enjoying the rain today! LOL

Nicole said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and all its madness! =D Your words were very encouraging!
I am sorry about your sister I dont have one but I can imagine that would suck! Just hang in there she will come around family is family at the end of the day =D