Wednesday, January 6, 2010


There is only ONE child on either side of the family. It is Tom's niece. (His brother's 9 month old baby) When we told the family we were getting married in Jamaica, we said we need to know if the kid was coming because a lot of the resorts are 18+. They said, "we are 99.9% sure she won't come, but don't base your wedding off her anyway, do what you want." Awesome! I wanted a 18+ resort anyway! So we booked sandals, PUT OUR DEPOSIT DOWN and everything. Then today the kids mom (Tom's sister-in-law) messages me on facebook and asked what resort we booked and if it was 18+. I told her we booked sandals, which is 18+, but they can stay at a Beaches down the road which is a sandals property, but it allows children. We can shuttle to Beaches to see them during the day and shuttle back to sandals at night. (I was thinking about booking ALL the guests at Beaches. Hello, it would give us more privacy, ya know, honeymoon and everything going on? Haha) However, They would need to leave Katie at the daycare on site at Beaches for our wedding ceremony because it's at Sandals and HELLO CHILDREN AREN'T ALLOWED.

She said that if children aren't allowed, then they won't come because she refuses to leave the baby at the daycare for the ceremony. First of all, you told us the kid was "99.9%" not coming because she would stay with her grandma. Now you change your mind? Fine. I gave you an option for a family resort, with daycare. You refuse that. WTF do you want me to do about it?! WE ALREADY BOOKED OUR WEDDING. You're telling me Tom's own brother won't be at his wedding because you're a total bitch and won't even let him go alone? Why can't Tom's brother at least go? Because you're evil? Yeah. Guess so....

Also, a girl I know (we aren't super close anymore, but we talk on facebook and whatever) told me, "congrats on getting married, but things change, the MEN change after marriage, and it's not for the better."


I've been engaged for FIVE DAYS people! Why are you all trying to ruin this for me?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I told Tom I've so over everything. I'm not even excited anymore. Everyone sucked all the happiness right out of me. Sad. :(


Morgan said...

Dani, don't let anyone ruin this for you..this is supposed to be the happiest time of your life!!

Your SIL sounds like a complete bitch, sorry but she does. Screw that.

Morgan said...

p.s.- men do NOT change, the good ones don't at least..

Jenni said...

Oh my goodness I totally missed the engagement announcement!!! What an incredible proposal! THat's so awesome!!!!!! 2010 is going to be such an amazing year! I can't wait!!!!!!!! I can't believe she was pulling that crap to you...maybe she'll change her mind. It is YOUR wedding after all :)

Whitney said...

Girl, don't sweat it. It is YOUR wedding, YOUR day. Have everything your way. Oh and I doubt men change after marriage... maybe just a little more burping and farting? LOL

Anna said...

Um your friend doesn't know what she's talking about! lol. Like the pp said, men don't change - at least the good ones don't. :) You have a great guy!

Welcome to being engaged..where everyone feels the need to give you their opinion on your wedding decisions. It'll be twice as bad when/if you decide to have kids. Good luck! You will survive!