Friday, January 22, 2010


Um yeah. See that weigh-in log over there? ------>

It's not looking so hot. I'm in a slump. I didn't lose anything this week. Again. Damn. But then I'm not surprised. I have been keeping an eye on my eating, but I don't think I've exercised weeks? Gee, maybe that's related to my scale not budging!

Sigh. I need to get back on the workout train. Dealing with family drama over the wedding has majorally stressed me out. All I want to do when I get home from work is watch tv. At least my weight is still going down in the right direction. I just need to beef up my efforts. Starting tonight. I need to get back into running. I need dates with Jillian Michaels and her 30DS (EVIL) I need to tone my back & arms because although that dress I wore last weekend is a true SIZE 8 (holla! Goal size!) My wedding dress is strapless...and I have some work to do to get my flabby chicken arms into shape!

Sooooooooooooo I still need to lose 6 more pounds. And TONE TONE TONE like crazy.

P.S. I am SO FREAKING GLAD I lost 40 pounds BEFORE I got engaged. Now I have 11 months to lose 6 pounds and tone up?! Instead of losing 50 pounds and toning up?! Easy as pie! Phew!

P.P.S Tom & I have decided we might start trying to have a baby after the wedding. More like, stop taking birth control and "whatever happens, happens" But still...big step! Ah! (We'll see how we feel once December gets closer! Maybe we won't be as ready as we think. But maybe we will...)


~Dawn~ said...

you'll catch up on your weight loss. You've done so well already. I'm at your starting weight so, as you can imagine, I'd have a long way to go before getting down to about 150 before the wedding! I'm at least trying for about 10 lbs. Keep up your good work - You've got the drive that most of haven't found yet.

Christina said...

Wow, you've done great with the weight loss and maintaining it is great too so don't be bummed you didn't lose any because you didn't gain any either!

Nicole said...

How exciting!! A baby =D And with the weight I would so rather stay at no gain no loss than gain! Hang in there!