Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Work party/Coach purse love!

So after I found my wedding dress on Saturday I had to go to Tom's annual work party. They always have tons of food, open bar, and awesome door prizes! We have never won anything before, and this was our third year going. And this year we both won! Tom won a $100 gift card and I won... A Coach purse! WooHoo! I've never owned one before, because I couldn't spend that much money on a purse....But now I have a beautiful one for free! When they pulled my name out of the box they just said, "Danielle." and I shouted, "what's the last name?" And they butchered my last name and I screamed, "That's me!!!!!Woo!" Ha! :) (I may have been a little tipsy by this point. I was also stealing ice from the ice sculpture for my drink...but everyone else was drunk too so it's all good!) So I'd say I had an awesome weekend all around! This whole year has been amazing so far! Who will complain about getting engaged and winning a Coach purse?! ;)

Tom & I before the party

My Coach purse!


Nicole said...

Ummm where can I get an invite!?!?! lol lucky girl =D

~Dawn~ said...

This is your year!

Morgan said...

First of all, your dress is absolutely gorgeous D!
Second, so is the purse...you lucky biotch! LOL! Kidding! :)
By the way- you looked awesome for the party! I'm jealous of your pretty eyebrow arches! :)

Whitney said...

This is the year of Dani! :) You go girl!

Jenni said...

oh it's so cute! Love it!

Jamie Pickle said...

Very pretty purse! Lucky you!