Friday, January 29, 2010


Thank God this week from hell is almost over! First one of my co-workers called in ALL FLIPPING WEEK so then I got stuck working with the only other person here I can't stand! You know how there are just people you don't like, and never will? And her laugh is SO ANNOYING! It seriously makes me want to lean over and punch her in the face!

So again, TGIF!

We have to take the dogs to the vet tonight. Emma needs booster shots and Rex is having some trouble holding "it" all day all of a sudden. Then tomorrow we have bowling then are going over to our friend's house for some wine and video games. (We also went out to Buffalo Wild Wings last night with these same friends. I had some nice wings & beer. Yeah, pretty sure that wasn't the smartest choice the day before "weigh-in" as witnessed to the side. UGH UGH UGH. I seriously need Jillian Michaels to come and kick me ass, pronto!)

P.S. The phone interview went pretty good. Won't hear about the next round of interviews for a couple weeks though!

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Nicole said...

Oh man I totally have a co worker I would like to punch on a DAILY basis! unfortunately she sits next to me ALL day!! and she has the most annoying accent! everything ends with a D and she yells when people dont understand her! I laugh at her I find it better than punching her you know because of the obvious I would get fired! haha ANYWAY I am glad to hear the phone interview went well! Good Luck with that =D and have a great weekend!