Friday, July 31, 2009

Money, money, MONEY!

When we took bets on how much the kitchen reno would cost, Tom picked 4k, I said 8k. Guess who is closer?

Oh, that's right. ME.

We went and looked at kitchen cabinets tonight. We were planning on doing pre-fab if we could find nice enough ones. Turns out, most of the pre-fab ones suck. We both fell in love with the (custom, of course) coffee glazed maple.

I think it will be worth it. We can't afford granite, though.So we will have really nice cabinets, and laminate counters. :( Oh well. It's our first house, we don't need EVERYTHING.

Tomorrow we are going back to Lowes to meet with a kitchen designer and hopefully get some of those bad boys ordered!


Morgan said...

OMG it turned out soo beautiful! Can't wait to see it all decorated and everything! :)

Andy said...

8k?!?!?! OH MY GOD. But, it looks sooo pretty. As soon as you finish the house, we need pics of it, girl! :)