Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hello, SNOW!

I get that I live in Minnesota. It's my choice to live here when I know it's flipping cold and snowy. BUT I refuse to be okay with waking up to snow on October TENTH! It's waaaaay toooo early to be snowing and 25 degrees! :( Moving on...

I got this surv
ey from Chatty Nicoley

1. Your Favorite beverage:

2. Your hometown

3. Your favorite TV show

4. Your Occupation/You are in school for

5. Your first car

6. Your favorite dish

7. Celebrity you've been told to resemble

8. Celebrity on your "to do" list

9. Favorite Childhood toy

10. Any Random picture

This happens to be a sneak peek of our new cabinets! :)


Allyson said...

hello snow is right!! i took pictures saturday morning. seriously, we totally got ripped off this year. we had, what, a whole week of fall weather?! not cool mother nature.

love the new blog look!

Morgan said...

SNOWING?? I'm jealous!
We are getting our cabinets stained on Monday and I'm a wreck about it..everything is unorganized in my kitchen and it's driving me nuts!
What city is that (your hometown?)
I might steal this from you and do a picture quiz also! :)

Dani said...

Yeah, SNOW! So gross...It's pretty when it sticks to the trees for about 2 days? Then the rest of winter is hell and it doesn't seem so pretty anymore! Ha!

It's Minneapolis, MN (Yeah, I guess I should be used to it by now!)