Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tom's promotion & sweater dresses

Tom got a small promotion yesterday. He also got a 4% raise. Which isn't much, but his company didn't give out any yearly pay raises this year, so it's better than nothing! He's deserved this promotion for awhile now, so I'm glad he finally got it! :) We will have to go out for a drink this weekend to celebrate!

In other exciting news, our counter top will arrive next week. And I ordered a treadmill and it will be delivered on Friday!! Yay! I haven't had a treadmill since we moved out of the apartment and I desperately need to get moving again!!

I am about 5 pounds away from my goal weight now. Maybe if I stop eating the nerds meant for trick-or-treaters I will get there a little sooner? Just a thought... This also means I have started buying clothes that I will wear for more than a few months. I am planing to stay at this size forever. (other than pregnancy, etc) I can get the pants on, and zip them. They just cause some major muffin-top. I will be wearing them soon. Actually having a treadmill so I can workout again will be major. I will post before & after pics once I can comfortably zip those goal pants for good. :) When I decided to lose weight, I was 185lbs at 5'7" (yikes!) My first goal weight was 155...then150...then 145...then 140...and finally 135-137. I feel like I've been trying to lose "the last 10 pounds" for a year--because I have! I kept lowering my goal weight so I always had "10 more" to lose! But I am finally happy with the 135-137 range and I can honestly say I only have 5 pounds to lose. Just 5 more. For real this time!!

Speaking of weight, I've always felt I was too heavy to wear form fitting, trendy clothes. I always stuck to the basics that covered/hid my belly & hips. I've been thinking about getting a sweater dress to wear with some leggings but I'm scared I will look dumb and /or my stomach will stick out, etc. Am I too old to wear a sweater dress & leggings?! (24) Am I too curvy? (size 8) Are they only built for size 2, 14 year olds? Opinions?


LissaMarie said...

you are an inspiration to me. i am a bit overweight and have really been wanting to loose the pounds, but every time i try to, i just get so overwhelmed and upset with myself and the way i physically look. my extra 'curves' make me feel like lesser of a person and it's really been hurting my self esteem most recently. after reading this post, it's made me want to try again and really get to feeling happier about myself. so, i just want to thank you for the esteem booster! =] Also, with the sweater dress, i say go for it! i'm sure you'll look amazing girl!

Allyson said...

you are NOT too old to wear sweater dresses. i'm 28 and i was thinking of getting one! silly dani...you will look fabulous in almost anything! you gotta flaunt your weight loss. own it girl! you deserve it. :)

~Dawn~ said...

Love sweater dresses..Oh, go for it. ; - ) And good for you with your weight loss goals.

KLC said...

LOVE sweater dresses, even my mom wears them so dont worry you arent too old!

check out my blog, I left you an award!