Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Busy Bee

We have been so busy this past month! I'm more than ready for our apartment to be cleaned & handed over, and for our house to be ready to be settled into. My project right now is working on putting primer in the office. The "beautiful" wood paneling isn't my cup of tea, so until we can remove it, I'm painting it! Has anyone ever done that before? It's a ton of work. I'm sure it will be worth it though!

My sister has been staying with us the past week. I like having her stay with us, but I do feel bad because both Tom & I have been sooooo crabby lately! With all the stress of buying a house/moving, we've had our fill of stress for the year! I bought her the new Jonas Brothers CD today as a "thank you" for helping me paint and for putting up with Tom & me.

I have been maintaining my weight these past couple months. Which I guess is okay. But I really REALLY need to get back into counting every calorie (instead of guessing) and working out (instead of considering painting to be my main workout) I actually miss working out. But I seriously have no time right now. I work all day then work on the house all night. We have to have the apartment all cleaned and keys turned in by July 31st...so after that things should return to normal and I'm sure I'll be able to squeeze in 20 mins with Jillian! I need to think about ordering a treadmill too... all in due time I guess...

Another thing bothering me is my relationship with Tom. I know once things get back to normal we will be fine. But he is driving me nuts! And we are both so tired all the time that we are bickering like mad! Ugh! It's terrible! Not to mention, the affection department is totally slacking! I don't even recognize us sometimes...we are crazy! It's almost like we both have raging PMS or something!

Time to grab some dinner and work on priming the office some more...

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Andy said...

Wow. Things seem to be busy, but I'm pretty sure once you're settled, things will all go back to normal and BETTER.

Good luck with everything!