Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why must love feel like a battlefield?

So Tom eventually apologized for the other night. He said he would talk to his dad about what an ass he was and that I shouldn't have to be treated like that just because his dad is a drunk.

Do I think he actually talked to him about it? Nope.

Apparently, his dad doesn't even remember what happened. You know there's a problem when you're THAT drunk. Seriously. I hope he doesn't come down this weekend! I don't know what I will do! UGH!

Relationships are so hard sometimes. It's not worth losing Tom over this...but I don't deserve his dad being such an ass to me either. Maybe we should have moved further away!! That's a thought...


We finished cleaning the apartment yesterday, and Tom turned in all the keys today. It's official, goodbye, Apt# 228!! You were the first place Tom and I lived together in, the first place we lived in when we moved down here-away from all our families & friends. It was a good two years, but I'm glad we said our goodbye's because I have an old house that needs my love now. ;)

I spent tonight planting my rose bush (finally) and getting our screen porch cleaned and decorated. Our open house is in TWO WEEKS. We're still not unpacked, and we need another coat of mud on the sheetrock before we can even think about painting and putting cabinets/appliances back in! And we want maple cabinets. Apparently, Lowes doesn't stock maple cabinets. What?! But they have hickory in stock. Nice. Does that make sense? Shouldn't they have maple, what a lot of people want, instead of hickory? It will take 22 days for them to get the cabinets after we place our order. Did I mention our party is in TWO WEEKS?!

I just pray it doesn't rain so people can be outside!


Morgan said...

It's funny, I was just listening to that song "Why does love always feel like a battlefield". Well not funny, but you know what I mean!

First, I'm just now getting caught up on everyone's blog so I just read your last post about what happened with Tom's Dad. My father is a RAGING drunk as well, so you would think I would relate to Tom more, but no- I totally get you and why you are mad. I love my Dad like there is no tomorrow, but when I think about my Dad, I can't help but think about beer at the same time. He drinks from the time he gets home until he goes to bed. He says rude and vulgar things that make you just want to slap him.

I remember one year when I was young, it was my weekend with my dad (my parents got divorced and he had me every other weekend), anyways he left me there at his house and went out to a bar. He hit a parked car on his way home one block from his house, and the cops had to come knock on the door to tell me and my stepmom he was going to jail. I remember flipping out and screaming because I thought he got killed in a wreck or something, what else would you think with a cop knocking at your door at 3 AM and your dad still not home from the bar? Anyways, he's had several DUIs as well. Although they say drinking can be passed down, I can safely say I learn from my dad's mistake and would never put my family through what he put me through. Well I do love me some margaritas but I know my limits LOL! (ok im done ranting! so sorry!)

I'm glad Tom apologized to you!

Krystyn said...

Your FIL sounds like a peach...and your hubby really has to talk to him, or things can only get worse.

And, holy hell...3 is he not in jail?

Allyson said...

Geez, Dani, I'm sorry you have to deal with his dad. I really hope things turn around for you guys.

I can't wait to see pictures of your kitchen all done! Very cool!

And yes, that's weird that they'd have hickory and not maple. I think more people would order maple. But, what do I know? ha ha

Have a great weekend!