Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We had two "wedding weekends" in a row. The first one was Heather's wedding. Heather used to be my best friend. We had a falling out when she ditched everyone when she started dating her now husband. I'm still pretty bitter about what happened between us. Oh well, life goes on.

The wedding was supposed to be outdoors at the groom's parent's house. We got there and nobody was there! The wedding got moved to a church last minute. (it wasn't raining either!) Then during the ceremony the bride did NOT smile! At all! Her pictures are going to look like crap because she looked so pissed off!

Example of Bride's face during the whole ceremony...
and she wasn't crying...

The Kiss!

Husband & wife! (still no smile?!)

We went to the reception site and our "wine" with dinner was this....

We laughed so hard over this! It seriously gave us a good solid hour of entertainment! Dinner was served out of big crock pots. There wasn't really a cake cutting ceremony, they just walked over there and cut it, no announcement or anything...
The Cake

The bride, me, and her daughter

I hope the couple is happy, they have a little baby after all. But Tom & I did not have fun...and it's NOT how Tom & I will do things when we get married. It was total country.


Wedding number 2 was for a guy Tom used to work with. It was held at a very nice resort---except it was the 4th of July! That bummed us out because we wanted to go to the wedding, but it sucked that we had to spend our 4th of July there. But it was a beautiful day and the wedding was outside facing a lake. Very pretty.

The bride & her dad

The kiss!

Mr & Mrs!

After the ceremony, they took some pictures and we had a cocktail hour. We grabbed some drinks and headed out to the deck to take in some sun while we waited for dinner! :)

After the pictures were done we headed in for some dinner. It was decorated very pretty. The centerpieces were pink daisies in different sized vases. (And we had sparklers for favors!) They introduced the wedding party and the bride and groom sat down and had ONE kiss. Then the bride got up and left. It wasn't a big deal at first, maybe she was going to make sure everything was ready for dinner, or that the DJ was getting all set up. Except.....she never came back! The groom went out to find her. We were served salad, bread...then dinner! We finished our entire meal before they came back! Finally we saw the groom outside looking upset. And the groom's mom made an announcement that the bride felt "ill" and wouldn't be returning. Apparently, she had a panic attack or something? So we made the best of it and ate some cake and chatted with the couples seated with us.

Andy & Karen enjoying some drinks! ;)

Our sad faces because the bride left her own wedding!

We didn't stay that long after the "announcement." We went to leave and wouldn't ya know, there was the bride! Drinking in the parking lot with some friends! Woman, if you had a real panic attack, why are you in the parking lot with people instead of in your bed resting like they said you were doing? And also, why aren't you at your reception with your groom? Weird...

The two weddings we had this year are now done with, time to focus all our energy on getting the house ready!


Morgan said...

Both of the weddings look like they turned out beautiful! I'm trying to follow your blog but I don't see the toolbar up top to click on "follow blog" darnitt! :)

Dani said...

Thanks for the heads-up! I'll try to figure it out---although I'm new at this so no promises! :)

Anonymous said...

Um. No graciousness at all. This is one blog I won't be following... You are coming across rather rude.