Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Friend

So...Check out this guy who was making himself comfy in our kitchen!



Needless to say, he got sprayed with about a gallon of windex (which is an excellent bug killer when you have nothing else!) and squished with an old newspaper.

I'm wondering how many more of these nasty things are hiding in this house! It hasn't been lived in in over a year...and I have a feeling the old man who lived here before wasn't too concerned with bug control...

Ah yes, we are officially homeowners now!


Andy said...


That pic gave me the chills.

I'd call the exterminators.

Allyson said...

eww eww grossss! I hate bugs. Yeah, I'm sure you are going to find all sorts of fun stuff like that if the house hasn't been lived in for that long. They'll eventually go away! At least there's an end!

Morgan said...

How many damn legs did that little guy have? Eeeww!

We bought our first home last November and we love being homeowners!