Thursday, January 8, 2009


So today I was hanging out on the treadmill reading my new issue of Glamour (who doesn't love reading about the same "new" sex moves every other month? But hey, at least it's a step-up from Cosmo. Back off.)

Anyway, as I was running along (okay that's a lie, I was fast walking.) I noticed an ad for Oscar Mayer's deli creations flat bread sandwiches. And printed under a giant picture of one of these sandwiches was...


What the hell? What is so special about these stupid sandwiches (which you microwave, BTW. Gross.) that they think they are blogworthy? I think this may have been the stupidest ad I've seen in a long time. But Oscar Mayer must employ sneaky bastards because I just blogged about how stupid this ad was and their nasty sandwiches got some promotion.

I will leave you with this...

Reading further on in my Glamour, I found a poll of 1,013 men. One question was, "Would you rather be 5'2" tall with a seven inch penis OR 6'2" tall with a three inch penis?"

Guess what the results were?

68% of men picked 5'2" with a seven inch penis.
32% of men picked 6'2" with a three inch penis.


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Ophelia said...

Sorry to tell those guys but I think most women would rather have a tall guy than a big d*ck.