Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Global Warming

Dear Global Warming,

I think you missed Minnesota. We are used to the cold and snow. We go through it every year. It's the main topic of conversation every winter. It's my theory that people in Minnesota bitch about the cold, but we secretly love it. It makes us stronger than the rest of the country. (Suck it Cali, we can survive below zero temperatures!) Give us a temperature of 10 degrees? Psh, that's nothing! But this negative 34 degree crap? (BEFORE the windchill, thankyouverymuch!) I've had enough. It's probably impossible for anyone to even imagine what negative 34 feels like (unless of course, you are crazy-aka stupid- enough to live here!) A human will freeze in 10 minutes. I know it's true. The radio told me so. In any case, I would appreciate if you warmed the hell up now. K, thanks.


In case you were wondering, it will never get too cold to snow. WCCO said so.

Finally, a question for the weather man: Is it ever really too cold to snow?

"No," said meteorologist Chris Shaffer, "but that is the common thought. It's not true."

Shaffer said the absolute limit for snow is actually absolute zero, which is about 459 degrees below zero -- more than 400 degrees colder than anything we'll ever experience.

*This is an actual picture of the thermometer at the local news station.*

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rachel said...

um, yeah. i would totally die. i have no idea what -30 feels like and i don't want to. it's 19 here in jersey right now and i refuse to leave my house.