Friday, January 16, 2009


So today started out pretty good. It was a normal Friday at work. The weather is finally above zero. (It's only 2 degrees, but that's way better than -30!) I met a friend of mine for dinner/drinks after work. We had some good food and some good girl talk. I was excited about the bf's work party tomorrow. I have an awesome dress and heels all ready to go.

I got home and changed into my gym clothes so I could go to the gym. I decided to pop on Facebook before I left. (I'll admit, I like to Facebook stalk.) I was looking at the status updates and saw one from my brother.

Patrick *last name* says Goodbye.

WTF! This pisses me off. Has he not put my God damn family through enough already?! So I call my mom right away and it turns out she already called the cops because she noticed him missing about an hour ago.

Not again...please, not again!

I tell my bf what is going on. Then he gets the bright idea that he should go upstairs to a friend's apartment for some drinks. Um, WHAT!? I told him he should stay with me since, ya know, my suicidal brother ran away AGAIN and posted a F*cking goodbye message and all!

He said, "There is no sense waiting around. I might as well go hang out with Kev. Call me when you hear something."

Obviously the fact that I, HIS GIRLFRIEND, is worried sick and am going through a family emergency isn't important to him. F*ck him.

It's now 4 hours later. My brother went home on his own. He said he was out "for a walk" and forgot his phone. LIAR! Apparently my mom had a panic attack when she saw him walk in the door. My sister called the cops and told them my brother came home, but she needed an ambulance because my mom couldn't breathe.

That's f*cking awesome...

The cops took my brother. Not that it matters, he will be out of the hospital soon enough. The paramedics calmed my mom down. My sister will drive her to the hospital where my brother is soon. The worst part? I'm 3 hours away and can't do a damn thing.

And my good-for-nothing boyfriend is STILL at his friend's house. Not a call or anything to check on the situation. Gee, I love you too, bastard!

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