Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Letter to H

Dear H,

I know we've been through a lot together. I met you back when I was 17 and we became instant friends. We spent way too many nights wanding around Walmart at 2am since we were minors and there was nothing better to do. We shared our first bar experience together. (Even though you were only 20 at the time and we had to use some mad ninja skills to sneak you in!) You were there when I met Brian the first time. You were there when I fell in love, and when he crushed my heart. I was there when you lost your V-card. Remember the blizzard? How we got snowed in and needed help from some strange guy to get us out? And when we went on our road trip "to find the moon." And all those days fishing on "our dock."

I could go on and on. But the truth is, things aren't the same anymore. We barely speak. You said you would never change yourself for a guy. You didn't understand how a girl would want to be with a man 24/7. I said it was because you had never been in love.

Well guess what?! You fell in love, and then you changed. You became obsessed with him and being with him. Everything else in your life fell aside. I get it. I've been there. But then on 12/31/07 I met this new guy. You asked my HONEST opinion of him. I wouldn't lie to you. Maybe I should have. I told you that you could do better.

That was the beginning of the end.

You stopped talking to me. You didn't tell me when you got pregnant 2 months later, or when you got engaged one month after that. I found out on Myspace. How pathetic! I will never forgive you for not including me in your life. So what if I didn't like him?! I was you BEST FRIEND and I didn't want to lose you over him! I would have stood by you.

Sure, I've seen you twice in the last year, You were 7 months pregnant. It was weird. Things weren't the same. We both knew that. I drove 3 hours to be at your baby shower and you BARELY spoke to me. That's when I gave up trying. I wish we could fix our friendship. But I think things are too far gone by now. You have a daughter, I've never met her. This isn't how I pictured things. I love you still. You were a good friend to me. But sadly, I think we have both changed too much and all we have is the past.

Goodbye, friend.

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