Friday, January 30, 2009


I filed my taxes today. I get a whopping $432 back. Good to know my hard earned money is going to pay the welfare for crack-whores and babies who have idiots for parents. (Instead of, you know, healthcare and education?!)

I know of one such person. She has 4 different children all with different dads. Oh yeah, she's only 25!! Anyway, she commented on my sister's Facebook page and asked her, and I QUOTE, "Can u do my taxes for me? and get all my reductions so i can get lots of money back? I wanna go shoppin."

WTF. Maybe you should buy your babies some clothes? Food? NO?

THEN GET YOUR DAMN TUBES TIED! (Or at least know that it is a tax deduction, sweetheart!)

I know another girl who couldn't pay her daycare for 2 months, and is ALWAYS behind on her bills. Where is her 5k tax return going? On a vacation to Vegas.


And then there's me. I have no children out of wedlock. I am not on welfare. And I get $432 to put into my emergency savings. Oh yeah, after I buy two new tires which my car needs. Damn responsibilities!!!

I was IM'ing with my brother. He is starting a new school on Monday. I really hope he likes it there. He needs to make friends. He needs to build his future. And he needs to be happy and stay alive more than anything.

At the end of the conversation he told me he loved me.

I feel like I can do anything right now, I'm so happy. I needed to hear (read) that. So I'm off to the gym, and happy about it for once!!!

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Anonymous said...

That pisses me off too! Selfish b*tches having kids they can't afford, who expect the government to support them and then the second they have an extra buck, do they put it to any good use? No! They waste it on something stupid! God forbid you pay your daycare provider in ADVANCE or you know, spend it on rent EARLY so that you don't have to worry about it... I don't want to hear about how you "deserve" a vacation... No, when you've got 4 mouths to feed and you're on welfare, you don't deserve sh*t til you get your sh*t together and aren't relying on taxpayers to support you!!!